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My name is Igor Benić and I am a Web Developer working @ perceptiveinteractive.com where I am working on a complex application using front end technologies.

When I am not working at my company I am developing WordPress themes and plugins.


I am situated in Rijeka, Croatia where I spend my free time mostly with my girlfriend.

I love spending time in nature and everything that is connected to spirituality which helps me a lot in personal life and also in professional life.


I have started learning about web development back when I was still a student. I have learned about web design and using Photoshop. After that I wanted to learn how to code so I have started reading a lot of tutorials. When I had enough knowledge to know how to build a simple HTML website from PSD, I wanted to learn how to build dynamic websites such as blogs.

I could not imagine that someone would open HTML files and edit them there so I started searching for dynamic websites and how to build them. I stumbled upon Lynda.com and there I have passed two courses from Kevin Skoglund where I have learned what is PHP, MySQL and what is Object Oriented Programming.

From there on I have played around with various tasks or projects I have given myself so I could learn more and progress. After a while I have stumbled upon WordPress and I loved it from the first install.

Today I am using WordPress for various projects where I build themes and/or plugins.


I am also the author of few eBooks:




When I am not developing websites and web applications, writing books or spending some quality time with my better half, I am writing or filming tutorials:


I had the pleasure to speak at one of the WordPress Meetups held in Zagreb where I talked about Responsive Web Design in WordPress.


I am an active member of WordPress Croatia group on Facebook where we help each other on everything about WordPress.

You can find out more about WordPress Croatia on their site

The site

I am using this site to share my thoughts on web development and also tutorials that can help others to learn more and get better. This site is hosted on Digital Ocean with the help of ServerPilot.

Let`s make the internet a beautiful place.