If you want to get yourself, your product or something else in front of around 25-30k visitors per month, you can select a package and then we can discuss it further.

Tutorial Spots – Each tutorial can have 2 sponsors unless the sponsor has paid for the custom tutorial. Such tutorial, new or old, will display only that sponsor.


Here are some of the packages that you can choose from to sponsor.

  • One Tutorial ($100) – Your sponsor info will be added to a single tutorial. You can contact me if you want a specific tutorial to sponsor so I can let you know if there are any spots available for it.
  • Custom Tutorial ($500) – You will sponsor my time to write a tutorial which will benefit you. This tutorial will only have you as a sponsor. Once you choose this option, I will contact you and we can discuss further details.
  • 5 Tutorials ($400) – You can sponsor 5 tutorials. You can contact me before to see if specific tutorials are available for sponsoring.
  • Site ($1000) – You will sponsor my site for 30 days. This will give you a sponsor slot in my sidebar and also in the footer. Only 1 sponsor can be there at the time.

Sponsor Form

You can use this form below to submit your sponsorship request and I’ll get back to you with questions (if any) or with an approved sponsorship 🙂

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Forty Four, a great WordPress 404 Plugin

What is a 404? 404 is the response status that your website sends to the client (visitor's browser) when the visitor gets on a page that does not exist. WordPress does that pretty well and a theme can customize that page as needed. But what about getting a very fast 404 page and also to manage all those 404 urls? Meet, Forty Four, a great plugin to manage your WordPress 404 pages.