WordPress is the best and most powerful blogging platform. Having a WordPress site or blog simply means you are establishing a strong presence on the web. In fact, a blog with fresh, unique and captivating content always attract visitors.

As we know, Traffic is one of the most crucial parameters to measure the popularity of a WordPress blog. It determines how much you encouraged web visitors towards your site or blog. With the help of an intriguing design you might encourage your potential visitors, but still you need a robust plan to increase traffic on your WordPress blog.
Fortunately, there are many effective ways that you can use to increase traffic on your blog/site. And in this blog post, we will look at some of them to ensure your blog gets the maximum number of potential audience.

1. Write a unique and fresh content

< Content is one of the most influential online marketing aspects that will help you drive more visitors to your blog or site. If you are passionate about any particular field, then you can extend your knowledge and experience to compose a unique, and inviting content. In short, be an expert.

It is because a unique content is a key to your blog’s overall quality and performance. In fact, it is one of the three pillars of Search Engine Optimization that means search engines like Google and Bing prefer a site or blog that’s having high-quality content.

Therefore, it is important to write a content that cannot be found elsewhere on the web, so that you can attract web audience to your blog. You can add your own viewpoint; knowledge into your blog to encourage potential visitors so that will increase your search engine ranking quite quickly.

2. Optimize your posts in The Search Engine Results Page

If you want to increase the traffic on your website, then it is vital to optimize your posts for search engines, such as Google. Always try to upgrade your blog to make it appear on top of SERPs.

However, some of the bloggers don’t even know that how their post is displayed on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in Google. If you want to influence your web audiences through your posts, you need to consider these two things:

  • Title of your blog post: You can optimize the title of your blog post that can help those visitors who are using Google to search for information.
  • Meta Description: It is important to write a meta description for your blog post as it will give web users an explicit idea about what they can get if they click on your link.

Well, you can also use the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to optimize the title and description of your blog post.

3. Split Test your headlines

Bloggers always think of creating great headlines for their blogs because they are the ultimate aspect that can help you drive more traffic towards your site. In fact, headlines are the first and the foremost gateway that your visitors have to pass through. Therefore, it is essential to split test your headlines.

You can do this with the help of the most popular split testing WordPress plugin that can help you create two or more headlines for every post or page that you create and then randomly displays them to visitors with the aim to measure the click through rate.

Through split tests, you can immediately decide what types of headlines perform best and then you will be able to compose better headlines that can influence more traffic.

4. Include Breadcrumbs

A breadcrumb is a series of allied links that reveals the visitor’s location in a site or a blog. In simple words, a breadcrumb provides web visitors a way to track their path back to their original landing place.

The breadcrumb navigation gives web users/visitors of your site an instantaneous idea of where they are relative to the structure of your site and allows them to navigate through your site quite easily.

Plus, it will offer an extra benefit to your visitors by boosting the overall accessibility, usability and functionality of your website.

5. Always Listen to your audience

Social media platform plays a significant role in determining the online presence of a website. You can use the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to promote your blog post. You can use it to furbish a direct communication system with your visitors – listen to your audience. Always read other user’s comments or tweets to see what they are actually talking about you.

With the help of social media platforms, you can catch the vein of web audience about what they are expecting from your blog or site. In fact, you can read the blogs of others who are in the same field, so that you can improve your blog and make it more friendly and engaging from the reader’s point of view.

6. Interlink your posts and pages

If you want to increase traffic or want to rank higher in search engines, then interlinking of your blog posts is one of the effective ways. You can link your new blogs to your older and relevant blog posts to get the maximum number of visitors towards your site.

It will also help search engines to crawl and index all your blog posts and pages, as well as view the structure of your site with ease. Moreover, you can attract visitors to your blog post for a longer time and it will help you reduce the bounce rate of your site, which is imperative because Google utilizes your bounce rate to make sure your blog has a good quality of content or not.

Ultimately, there are multiple benefits of interlinking the blog posts, but the most is to drive more traffic to your WP site.

7. Share content

Another effective way to increase traffic to your site is by sharing the blog’s content on the social media platforms. You can share and promote your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ by writing short, crisp and catchy messages to grab the attention of visitors. You can encourage your potential visitors to read your blog and also share it on their social media accounts.

You can also share others’ content too. You can re-tweet on any interested tweet or share Facebook posts, or re-post to your Google+ page. By doing so, they will also share your content on their pages.


In this blog post, we mentioned the seven tips that will certainly increase the traffic on your WordPress blog/site and also boost the search engine ranking on Google.

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