Are you a beginner or a developer who wants to learn more about WordPress? In this article I will show you some great resources from Tuts+ network that can help You grow as a WordPress developer or user.

I will introduce you first with the courses of Tuts+ and after that I will also show you some great series You can read.

To be able to watch their courses You will need to sign up for a free account which you can then use to enroll in every course that is free. If you want to get access to their paid courses you will need to upgrade your plan.


In this simple course You will learn how to use WordPress as a CMS. You will get introduced to every section of a standard WordPress site so that you know how to install themes, plugins and change other settings in the administration panel of WordPress.

You can watch it here.

As a developer or a business owner You, an e-shop will get in your way. To learn how to use one of the most used eCommerce solutions on WordPress is WooCommerce. Here you will learn how to set your own e-shop and start earning money.

Learn WooCommerce here.

Before creating your themes be sure to watch this course where you will be introduced how to prepare a theme for ThemeForest. Since this is a marketplace of great WordPress themes you will get some basic information on what to look after when developing a theme. Be sure to watch it here.

To know how to develop a WooCommerce theme is a great skill since you will learn how to develop a theme that uses this great eCommerce solution for your WordPress site or a clients` business site.

You can view it here.


In this part of the article I will list some of the series I think everyone who develops WordPress websites should read.

This series will list several tools and utilities that you can use when developing WordPress themes or plugins. Read here.

Were you ever confused about what filters or actions were? In this series and the next one You will learn about them and get to know some of them which you can then utilize when building your WordPress websites. There were some filters I did not even know about. It is a great read.

Actions are great to do a event-driven solution in WordPress. You can create modular plugins and/or themes so that you can easily expand them further.

Read about those actions here.

The last but not the least, is the series about how theme frameworks work. Here you can find out how to build a good theme framework that will work for you so that you have a starter theme which you can expand and build further to meet your clients` needs.

Read about it here.


With all these tutorials and courses You will be ready to produce quality WordPress solutions. You will be able to build your own frameworks, utilize great tools to speed up your workflow and you will know how to easily extend your themes, plugin and also some other plugin or theme with actions and filters.

Of course, these are not the only courses and tutorials you should watch or read. I recommend that You follow websites that teach how to work with WordPress and read every article you find interesting. But also don`t just read, create some projects, get your hands dirty and solve errors that will come along the way.

Do you have also some great resources to share? Please do in the comments below.



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