WordPress Media Uploader is pretty extendable, as we have learned in previous tutorials. This tutorial will be a short one and it will show you a way to add your own WordPress Media Uploader Custom Tab.

Why a Custom Tab?

You may wonder why you would ever need to have a custom tab in the WordPress Media Uploader. Tabs can help you organize the content you want to choose.

If for some reason, you just want to select images, why not have a tab that will show you only images in your WordPress Media Library?

WordPress Media Uploader showing only images

A Custom Tab for showing only images

Our Custom Tab

The custom tab that we are going to create will show 5 random items. This can then be used to select a lucky item. This is something just for fun.

Later on, I will also show you how to retrieve only images.

Enqueueing our Script

Since WordPress Media Library is a composed of several templates handled by backbone.js, we will have to enqueue a JavaScript file. I’ll call this file admin.js.

This is a standard procedure of enqueueing scripts or styles in WordPress.

Adding the Custom Tab through JavaScript

It’s time to populate our JavaScript file. Let’s first take a look at all the code and then I’ll summarize it in few sentences.

It may seem a little confusing. Let me tell you what happens here.

  1. We assign the WordPress Media Library object to a variable Library
  2. Then, we save the current Media frame for the Post screen so that we can use it later
  3. We set a new Media frame for the Post screen by extending the saved (old) Media frame
  4. The method initialize is the only one we change and to do that, we first call the old initialize method
  5. Inside that method, we add a new state using the Library object

The main attribute here is the library where a wp.media.query is called. This query is actually the WordPress Query (WP_Query). We are passing another parameter there. This parameter can be then used to check if we are on that tab and to modify the query.

The Lucky 5 Tab

Now that we have the script in place and that our Lucky 5 tab is there, we must now hook our function to modify the Query. We will need to hook our function on the filter ajax_query_attachments_args.

In this function, we are first checking if the query parameter lucky has been passed. If that is true, then we can move on and modify our query. We are setting a random order by using the parameter orderby and the value rand. We are also modifying the parameter posts_per_page to retrieve only 5.

The Only Image Tab

If we don’t want the 5 random items, we can set the parameters of the query to retrieve only images. That is done like this:

Of course, you could change the query parameter we check there, but this is only for showing purposes.


This is the last tutorial of the series on Extending WordPress Media Uploader. Now, you have learned how to extend the WordPress Media Uploader in various ways. This knowledge can now help you to customize the experience of your clients even better.

For further practice and investigation, I challenge you to refactor the JavaScript code so that the contents on that tab refresh each time we move to it. Can you do that?

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If you have ever added a custom tab to the WordPress Media Uploader, please tell us in the comments below. Share your knowledge and provide others some useful examples of custom tabs.

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