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How to Create a Sortable WordPress Gallery

Galleries are an awesome way to show simple pictures in your posts. In this tutorial we will create a WordPress gallery that will show on the post on which we create it. We will also be able to decide the order of the images in our gallery.

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How to Create Extendable WordPress Forms

Creating forms in WordPress can be difficult. By using OOP and WordPress hooks, you can create forms that can be extended as needed and also perform various tasks. With popular plugins such as Gravity forms or Contact Form 7, you might not need to create forms on a regular basis, but in some custom solutions you might have to create your own forms.

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How to Create Dynamic WordPress Email Templates

Dynamic email templates are a very common thing and they are interesting to implement. In this tutorial we will create some email templates in our WordPress administration which will get populated by user data and sent to our email after a user registers.

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Handle WordPress Remote Requests with OOP

WordPress remote functions are great to handle requests with other services. If you have various APIs which you want to access using WordPress, you can use those functions for everything. They can become a little cumbersome with all those settings, but with object oriented programming we can make our requests easier and even more readable.

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Understanding WordPress Menu Items

WordPress Menu Items were unknown to me before I had to create a custom navigation item which has a dynamic URL based on the logged in user. I will introduce you to the WordPress Menu Item as a component which you can easily change as you want.

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