Learning from the best: Freemius Launches “Experts Corner”

One of the things that I really love about WordPress is that I can do it from anywhere, anytime. When I started developing simple HTML websites, all I had was my laptop, basic Photoshop skills, and a head full of (what I thought were) great ideas. There was just one “minor” thing that stood between me and creating my dream business: I didn’t really know how to get there all by myself.

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Ultimate Guide for JavaScript in Elementor Widgets

Elementor Widgets are a great way to build your landing pages when using Elementor. Mostly, widgets are done through PHP but if you need some of the functionality on the front end or for the user editing the page, you will need to use JavaScript.

In this tutorial, we will learn about all the methods you can use with their JavaScript widget model and check for examples of the same.

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