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Using the WordPress Shortcode to Restrict the Content

Restricting content is pretty popular when it comes to membership sites. With a WordPress shortcode, we can restrict access to the content. We don’t have to restrict access to the whole site, we can just restrict one part of the content. In this tutorial, we will create a WordPress shortcode that will do just that.

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How to Extend Non Extensible Plugins

When working on various solutions that are based on WordPress, you will most certainly need to extend some part of a plugin. But what if that plugin is not really extensible? How should we solve that?

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How to add Custom Data to Cart in EDD

Easy Digital Downloads is a great eCommerce plugin for anyone who wants to sell any digital or downloadable goods. When creating custom solutions with EDD, you will probably have to add some custom data to the cart. In this tutorial, you’ll learn that.

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How to Programmatically Change Yoast SEO Open Graph Meta

Yoast SEO is a great plugin for optimizing your site for SEO. It is important that your articles are providing the right information to social media when being shared. Facebook uses Open Graph meta tags to show the correct information. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change the Yoast SEO Open Graph Meta through code.

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How to Create WooCommerce Refunds Programmatically

WooCommerce offers a refund option right from the order edit screen. But what if you need to process WooCommerce refunds automatically through code? In this tutorial, we will create the code that will be able to process refunds for a single order.

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