What is NectarCollective? The Nectar Collective.com is a website where You can learn about growing your blog business. Melyssa Griffin is the founder of it and she shares everything she has learned in the 2015 and helps others with her eCourses, workshops and articles. She even gives you FREE resources if you sign up for her mail list.

So she held a webinar about how to earn $1,000 from your blog in the next 45-60 days. It was a great webinar with high value content.

I will not share everything I have learned and have written down but I will do go through her steps and explain how she wants to help you earn your first $1,000 with your blog. To see also what others did write about that webinar while it was held online, go to twitter and search for #BlogFullTime.

What I have learned from the Webinar

1. Start a Blog

This is the obvious first step but it is essential of course. You have to start your blog if you want to make a career out of it. When to start your blog? Yesterday. Seriously, start you blog today and start writing what you are passionate about. Passion is the number one emotion that will guide you to succeed. Do not fear to start something thinking you are not an expert on that topic. If you are passionate enough you will become an expert just by writing about it.

I can relate to that since I have started a website of tutorials on my language (Croatian) 2 years ago. I was a beginner and many of things I have even started writing about I did not know. So how did I do that? I challenged myself to write a course about advanced PHP (programming language). Since I was a beginner I did not know how to do it, but since I have read so many articles, viewed so many courses about it, I could know where to find my answers.

By doing that I was writing about advanced PHP while learning it. It was fun and productive at the same time. Today, I know advanced PHP (for developers: OOP PHP) and I am so happy that I went with that determination and ambition even though I did not know it from the start.

2. Support System

My first thought was something like a customer support when Melyssa mentioned it. It was not clear to me what she wanted to say. But after we started tackling the step 2, a lightbulb appeared over my head.

Support System is actually a team of people, that you may or may not know, which are supportive to each other. Forming such a team you can share your ideas, help each other and motivate each other to continue doing.

The best thing, as Melyssa said, is that if you tell them what is your goal for the next week, you will be “obligated” to do that because you do not want to disappoint other people. It is in the human nature and thereby you will not postpone it as you would if you were alone.

I have created a Slack team for this support system so that You can find people that suit your need and will be able to support you and help you or the other way around. You can create your private channels and invite only people with whom you want to form a mastermind group.

Send me your e-mail contact and I will invite you to this slack group.

Contact me

3. Traffic

It is important to drive traffic to your blog. By doing that you will also gain more traffic to your products (eCourses, eBooks, workshops and etc.). You need to understand that it is hard to gain audience just from google or similar sites. You will need to write posts also on other blogs. That is called guest posting and by doing that you will gain more audience if you write quality content.

One important thing that will get you audience is a content upgrade. This is something like a worksheet, checklist or something else that is FREE and can be useful to you desired audience. I have created something like that for my other post How to choose the best WordPress theme for your Business.

Get the PDF WorkSheet to choose the best WordPress theme

Also you have to pain attention to your SEO so write content carefully using keywords that will drive traffic to your site. You can try and plan your keywords while planning your post topic. You can use google keyword planner or even google trends. You saw what I just did by referencing my other article in the sentence above? That is called deep linking and it can help your visitors and also your SEO.

Another possible way is to write strategic content which is a post or posts that include some big names in your business. For me that would be someone like Tom McFarlin who writes quality content about WordPress and is the editor of Tuts+. You can then send an email to them just to inform them that they were mentioned in you post or mentioned them on social media such as Twitter.

4. Email List

Email list is the best option to convert your frequent readers into your loyal audience. Some of them will also buy your products because they love you for the things you have already provided them (hint: FREE content upgrades).

There are several ways to build your email list and each way includes the opt-in form where your readers will subscribe. You can create opt-ins that pop-up when your reader opens your websites or when he/she tries to leave. You can even create a form that will show up when the readers scrolls to a point on your websites (example: scrolled 50% of the site).

Melyssa points out also that you should use Google Analytics to look for the most read articles on your site. Then you could set free content upgrades to that articles if they do not have one. Those content upgrades would then send your reader to an opt-in form which he/she would sign up to and then get those FREE resources.

If you have friends or people you may know who have an audience and are willing to cooperate with you, you could write guest posts to each other, make webinars together. You can then share the audience you have both gained while cooperating.

5. Create Hype before Launch

What is a hype? That is something you would want to create before your launch to make your audience eager to see what you will present at the launch. How to do that? Well, there are several ways.

You could make a series of posts about your product. In those posts you would provide content that will be used also in the final product but will not give everything. You could create posts on why they should learn or do that and what will they gain from doing “that”, but leave the how for the final product.

Use social media to create hype by making daily series on twitter, instagram, facebook (using page or group), periscope and etc. You can also create hype together with another product launcher and then also share the gained audience.

Melyssa states that is really important to be consistent in this and do it on a daily basis, not just because our feed on social media is constantly changing and updating with new feeds but also because when someone reads about something constantly that will stay in their mind and they will also think about it. It will become important to them and that is where the hype begins 🙂

6. Online Workshop

In the last step, we were introduced to workshops. Of course that I know that a workshop is and probably most of the people who attended this webinar. But the point here is that I do not know everything about workshops.

Workshops or webinars are really valuable and they can add some of your readers to your email list but also send them to the product. You should provide good value to your subscribers and even share something from your life that you have learned along the way and what happened to you when you did what you did.

Before launching your workshop you should send emails to your existing audience. You will then build a hype for your workshop and people will really want to be there on your workshop.

This is also a great product if you want to make a career out of it. Since an ecourse will take you about 200hours to make, you can be done with a workshop under 20hours of work. Which is a lot less and you can start sooner.

Workshops are also great because you can also present your product that goes into more details about the topic for which you created the workshop.

My personal view on everything

By attending that webinar I have gained more knowledge. I have learned a lot on how to build your email list, share your knowledge and ideas with others. We have also had a chat box on the page so I could chat and discuss with other people and with Melyssa. She used this chat box to get questions from visitors and then she has answered them thereby helping many of people who had similar questions.

She also presented her new product The Blog Hive. In this course she will teach you in a very detailed way how to grow your audience and make even more money than $1,000 in 2 months. If you can you should enroll to that course since the enrollment ends in about 2 days.

By presenting her product, she showed us the last step and how to market it within your webinar. That was really great because you can even learn how to get more audience showing you the new product and giving even more value if you enroll while the webinar is still going on.

Using all those steps and following them all you can grow your blog and make a business out of your blog or a similar website.

Be sure to follow the Nectar Collective on Twitter, Pinterest and other social media to receive news on new articles that could help you grow! 🙂

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Have any questions? Do you have an experience with Nectar Collective webinars or some other webinar? Do you host your own webinar? Let us all know by commenting below this article:)

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