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How to Handle WordPress Errors with WP_Error Class

When working with WordPress and other APIs, there will be times to handle WordPress errors or errors given by third party APIs. With WP_Error class you can handle both error and make your own custom error.

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Custom WordPress Rewrite Rule to Combine Taxonomy and Post Type

WordPress permalinks are great for having friendly urls that your visitors can also remember and that benefit your SEO optimization. Some solutions will require you to have an url made of a combination of different content. In this tutorial we will look how to have a custom taxonomy and also append the custom post type slug to the end of it.

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WordPress Multisite Examples for WordPress Businesses

WordPress Multisite can be used for many purposes. Businesses that run on WordPress and use WordPress as their tool, multisite can give them a lot more options to expand or make the current business model better. In this article we will go through some WordPress Multisite examples to give you a better idea.

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How to make Fixed Post Meta Data in Twenty Sixteen

Post Meta data in Twenty Sixteen shows information about the article as the author’s name, category, publish date and similar. Making it fixable, you can always give the reader to leave a comment quickly or even to see other articles by clicking on the category link. In this tutorial we will create a small JavaScript part that will make that possible.

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How to use WordPress Cron to Schedule Events

WordPress Cron is a useful functionality that is provided by WordPress since 2.1. This simulates an actual cron job and gives the scheduling ability to plugins or themes without requiring regular users to set real cron jobs on their servers. In this tutorial we will look into different WordPress Cron functions and learn how to use them.

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